Join Us Tuesday Night
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Ways to Serve

Junior High Group

Every Friday night, our junior ministry, “The Underground”, has 16 small groups that meet at Foothills and our high schoolers have the opportunity to participate as high school helpers. High school helpers learn many leadership skills, learn how to serve, and have a great opportunity to show God’s love to their younger brothers and sisters in Christ.

Higher Ground

Higher Ground is our junior high after school club program. High schoolers are given the opportunity to help lead, assist and run these amazing after school clubs. Higher Ground clubs are undoubtedly a light in the darkness and are held on 10+ public school campuses in east county.

Urban Servant Retreat

Each year we take a local missions trip to downtown San Diego where students get an amazing glimpse of the love God has for all of his people. Students get to partake in serving the homeless, living humbly, and experiencing God firsthand in a very intimate way.


Every Tuesday night we worship God almighty! High school students make up the majority of our weekly worship band and it is quite a privilege to help lead classmates into the presence of God.


On Tuesday night, we have an impressive amount of multimedia running and high schoolers are able to be taught and help run PowerPoint, videos, sound, and lights.

Small Group Leadership

Throughout the week, 10+ same sex small groups meet at people’s homes to fellowship. Students can help lead and run these groups.

Kids Church

On Friday and Saturday nights, as well as Sunday mornings, Foothills has 1-5 grade kids groups that meet and have a lot of fun learning about God. Students are able to assist with these groups and are able to gain lots of skills and help God’s young children learn about who God is.

Junior High Sunday School

Every Saturday night and Sunday morning, Foothills has 3 junior high services that high school students can help run.

Youth Venture

High school students can be junior staff members at Youth Venture teen centers.

Click here to visit the Youth Venture website for more info Youth Venture Website

Set-up for The Mission

On Tuesday nights, The mission has over 150 students attend and a handful of students help by setting up chairs and whatever else needs to be ready for the evening.