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Youth Mentoring Resources


We believe these resources will be helpful to you in your mentoring relationships.  You are free to download, copy and use these documents:

Art of Asking Questions

Book Recommendations

Characteristics of a Healthy Mentor

Counseling and Conversing with Kids

Getting Started

How to Share God


The links below are audio versions of the Youth Mentoring Training sessions held on January 22, 2011.  Clicking on the links contained on this page will initiate a download of the audio file you have chosen.

Youth Mentoring Ideas Resourses
Speaker: Jon Ulloa
Run Time: 9:39

Session #1 – Bringing Up Spiritual Sons and Daughters
Speaker: Pastor Mark Hoffman
Run Time: 45:38

Session #2 – Essential Ingredients of Effective Mentoring
Speaker: Pastor Danny Eslinger
Run Time: 49:05
Note: Begins with Kyle Morris interview

Session #3 – The Challenges of Mentoring and Mentoring as Crisis Care
Speaker: Pastor Mike Van Meter
Run Time: 59:16

Session #4 – Getting Started
Speaker: Pastor Danny Eslinger
Run Time: 31:07

Session #5 – Personal Preparation and Qualification
Speaker: Jeremy Miller
Run Time: 37:00